My work is produced in close partnership with the more-than-human world. When I go into the forest with my camera, I do not set out with the intent of “capturing” a particular image or scene, but rather with a spirit of deep respect, patience, and imaginative openness for whatever might be revealed.

These images are a reaction against the extractive style of much popular landscape photography. While such images are often beautiful or awe-inspiring, they are rarely intimate, and seem to care little to represent the deeper character—the joy, the darkness, the complexity of relationships—of the more-than-human world. At a time when our relationship to nature is increasingly broken, my images suggest that perhaps there is more to appreciate in the natural world than resources to exploit or, in the case of photography, a handful of iconic landscapes to trample by the millions as we seek ever more likes on social media. 

My photographs do not rely on an iconic, recognizable landscape for impact—the impact is rather in the relationships suggested by each image. My hope is that we recognize something of ourselves in these images, and thus come to feel that these seemingly simple, anonymous beings, offer something worthy of our notice and protection. 

All of my images are taken in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.